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G2-BOND Universal

The new standard of 2-bottle Universal Bonding
GC proprietary Dual-H technology

Dual-H Technology provides a smooth transition from hydrophilic to hydrophobic characteristics in the primed surface, which is then further strengthened by a truly hydrophobic protective bond layer.

Shock absorbing layer

Thick and strong bonding layer for stress absorption in posterior restorations, regardless to the etching modes !

Superior clinical handling

Excellent tooth wetting and low technique sensitivity in air drying.

Superior durability &
higher bond strength

G2-BOND Universal creates a physically stronger, more durable adhesive layer as the Dual-H Technology ensures a higher bond strength lower the risk of degradation.

G2-BOND Universal


G2-BOND Universal

Clinical case

Class II restoration

Courtesy of Dr David Gerdolle, Switzerland

Selective enamel etching

Application of 1-PRIMER

Application of 2-BOND

After photopolymerisation, the restorative material is applied

G2-BOND Universal

Compared to competitor

Dental Advisor, Number 147 – March, 2021

G2-BOND Universal performed better than Clearfil SE Bond 2 and Optibond FL tested in their respective etching modes to dentin and enamel in immediate 24h shear bond strength.

G2-BOND Universal




References G2-BOND-Universal
Dental Advisor Research Report G2-BOND Universal
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G2-BOND Universal

Frequently asked questions

What are the indications of G2-BOND Universal?

G2-BOND Universal can be used for Direct Restorations, Repair of indirect restorations, Immediate Dentin Sealing and Treatment of Hypersensitivity. Furthermore, it can be used for luting in combination with GC G-CEM LinkForce and for Core Build-up in combination with GC Gradia Core.

What is the recommended etching mode?

All etching modes are possible and provide good performance. Selective etching of enamel is however particularly recommended, because it offers extra adhesion to enamel and reduce further the risk of over-etching and post-operative sensitivity on dentin.

How many drops are there in each bottle?

Each bottle contains 5 ml and 300 drops.

What is special about the bottle cover?

The 2-bottle cover has a different design to ensure precise dispensing of the 1-Primer and 2-Bond, taking into account their different viscosities. They can be re-used with next purchased bottles, avoiding unnecessary waste.

What is the advantage of a thicker layer?

G2-BOND Universal displays a layer of about 35µ thick. This thicker layer has been designed to help reduce contraction stress and play a role of a shock-absorbing layer. Thanks to its hydrophobic composition, this layer is designed to remain very stable in time and to keep the margins invisible.

In which clinical indication is a thicker layer useful?

In case a higher shrinking composite material is used, or in case the cavity presents several walls to be bonded at the same time, such as in Class I configuration, a thicker bonding layer can be used to participate in stress absorption. It is also very useful in case of Immediate Dentin Sealing.

What is the advantage of a Hydrophobic Bond layer?

Water Sorption is reduced, thereby limiting the hydrolytic degradation of bonding which can take place in time. This will help keep the visible margins invisible and maintaining the bond strength in time.

Does G2-BOND Universal contain fillers?

Yes, G2-BOND Universal contains silicon dioxide fillers homogeneously dispersed thanks to a proprietary GC technology. This helps to reinforce the bonding layer. Additionally, the monomers used are particularly strong & resistant to degradation, making it possible to maintain high flexural stress after thermocycling and wear resistance similar to flowable composites.

What are the functional monomers used in G2-BOND Universal?

G2-BOND Universal displays is using 4-MET for adhesion to enamel and dentin; MDP for adhesion to enamel, dentin, composite, zirconia and metal (useful for repair and bonding to core build-up) and MDTP to bond to precious metal.

What is the storage recommendation?

G2-BOND Universal can be stored at room temperature (1-25°C); away from direct sunlight. If not in use for a prolonged period of time, it should be stored in the refrigerator.

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