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Case 1

  • High retention
  • Sub-gingival margin (no isolation)
  • History of caries

Choose a resin modified glass ionomer, like FujiCEM Evolve

  • The easy syringe delivery of FujiCEM Evolve simplifies the handling
  • The tack-cure option shortens the procedure
  • The high radiopacity facilitates follow-up
Case considerations
Retention rate: +++

In this case, there is adequate retention: more than 4 mm near-parallel walls

Possibility to isolate: –

Subgingival margins are present. Absolute isolation of the margins from moisture cannot be guaranteed in this case without corrections to the surrounding tissues.

Caries risk: +++

The dental history shows a high caries risk

Aesthetic demand: –

The restoration is not highly translucent and the margins are not visible when the patient is smiling. Aesthetic requirements are not predominant.

Product advantages
Retention rate

When there is sufficient retention, there is no need for bonding with a resin cement. Yet FujiCEM Evolve demonstrates high bond strength, in particular to zirconia.

Possibility to isolate

Wie alle Glasionomere ist FujiCEM Evolve feuchtigkeitstolerant

Caries risk

FujiCEM Evolve protects the tooth from caries and does not induce post-operative sensitivity

Aesthetic demand

A Universal shade can be used here without compromising the appearance of the patient’s smile.

Case 2

  • Moderate retention
  • Isolation possible
  • Aesthetic requirements

Choose a self-adhesive resin cement, like G-CEM LinkAce

  • The self-adhesive property of G-CEM LinkAce enable a fast procedure without compromise in performance
  • G-CEM LinkAce is reliable and highly wear resistant, thus maintaining the marginal integrity.
Case considerations
Retention rate: ++

When the walls are too low or convergent (>20°), adequate retention is lacking and adhesive bonding becomes mandatory

Possibility to isolate: –

The preparation can be properly isolated with rubber dam so bonding can occur in the absence of contaminants.

Caries risk: +

This patient does not have increased caries risk

Aesthetic demand: +++

Aesthetics are important to this patient and the restorations are visible when smiling. An appropriate shade should be selected that does not interfere with the shade of the restoration and will not be noticed in the marginal zone.

Product advantages
Retention rate

G-CEM LinkAce contains MDP, which chemically bonds to zirconia, without needing a separate primer. It has a high self-cure potential, so the mechanical properties are not impaired in case the curing light cannot pass sufficiently through the restoration.

Possibility to isolate

G-CEM LinkAce is a self-adhesive cement, which requires absolute isolation. However, the procedure is quick and easy due to the short setting time.

Caries risk

G-CEM LinkAce provides a tight seal between the tooth and the restoration. Etching is not required, reducing the risk to post-operative sensitivity

Aesthetic demand

With many shades to choose from, the shade and translucency ensuring the best aesthetic outcome can be selected.