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The combination of ultra-fine filler treated by FSC technology, for a homogeneous and dense dispersion make this injectable composite GC’s strongest composite ever. This allows numerous indications: from Class I- V, injection moulding technique, splinting, luting to all indications covered by a standard flowable composite.


Its injectable and highly thixotropic viscosity allows very good adaptation to the cavity walls and margins and fills any void or undercut, yet it is able to keep its shape during placement. It can be used for all cavity classes as it is strong enough for posterior restorations (without capping!).

delivery design

The syringe is designed to make the material easy to extrude with no uncontrolled overflow. The bendable tip enables great access to difficult to reach areas, like upper molars. The unitips have a thin nozzle to allow for easy extrusion while enjoying its unique viscosity.


This composite also offers great aesthetic possibilities with 16 beautiful shades including opaque & enamel shades. The ultra-fine barium particles with a very homogeneous dispersion also help to achieve a great gloss retention in time for a long-lasting shine – and a high radiopacity of 252%Al for an easy follow-up of your restorations.


Cusp-by-cusp build-up
of a molar with
G-ænial Universal Injectable

by Javier Tapia Guadix

In this video, you can see how an anatomically shaped, strong Class II composite restoration can be made with a low-viscosity injectable composite.

Post and everX Flow core build-up finalized with
G-ænial Universal Injectable

by Rudolf Novotny

This video shows the restoration of endodontically treated teeth by fibre reinforcement to ensure resistance to fracture. Then it is followed up by covering with G-ænial Universal Injectable which is highly wear resistant.

Direct veneers using Injection Moulding Technique with
G-ænial Universal Injectable and EXACLEAR

Clinical cases

Dr Abou Tayeh, Lebanon

Dr Clarence Tam, Australia

Dr Sebnem Turkun, Turkey

Delivery mode

Next to the easy to use syringe with bendable tip,
G-ænial Universal Injectable is also available in unitips.

Comparing the viscosity of
G-ænial Universal Injectable (unitips) with a competitor

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One of my favorite restorative materials in a more fluid consistency is G-ænial Universal Injectable. It is a composite with excellent physical and aesthetic properties that give it great versatility in daily activity. I love its fluidity along with its high thixotropic nature which greatly facilitates its handling and clinical control when injecting or modeling the material. In addition, the possibility of having different opacities and shades as well as its excellent final polish allows me to achieve very high-quality aesthetic results in both anterior and posterior restorations. An essential for the day to day.

Dra Cristina DíazZaragoza, Spain

G-ænial Universal Injectable, flowable composite, is a very easy to use material for many indications in direct restorative dentistry. The handling properties are good, with correct flowrate linked to placement of the material. The filler content is also high for a flowable, making it strong enough for many restorations that before were only indicated to be made by conventional composites. Esthetically, G-ænial Universal Injectable is also very acceptable.

Dr. Martin Hoftvedtinstructor dentist at Faculty of Medicine, Oslo

G-ænial Universal Injectable is absolutely the flowable composite that one needs to have in the dental practice. There are many reasons for which I love this product: first, it has the resistance of a normal composite, which makes it the perfect candidate for Deep Margin Elevation, when used together with Universal from Essentia. It’s thixotropy makes this composite very comfortable to use because will never flow too much. Last but not least, it has a very high polish level which makes it perfect especially when used in areas that are more difficult to clean.

Dr. Simona AiordachioaeRomania

I am a very satisfied user of G-ænial Universal Injectable, I mainly use it in the front, but also occlusallyand in MOD. Super material!

Dentist S. BokmaAmsterdam, Benelux

G-ænial Universal Injectable has an excellent consistency and is very easy to use. G-ænial Universal Injectable also has a good colour adaptation.

Dentist Pieter MullerBenelux

Unique viscosity / flow of the composite, allowing cusps to be formed without “loosing shape”. No air bubbles. Super combo with the everX Flow as a layer underneath. Can be applied quickly and efficiently; hardly any additional instruments required.

Dentist Olaf Strijbospractice Kanaal 95, Benelux

G-ænial Universal Injectable, a composite resin of intermediate viscosity, recently placed in the market of restorative dentistry (2018), represents a small revolution in terms of the prospects offered ... While its ease of handling makes it an attractive material, its physical and aesthetic properties are equally well performing. My clinical feedback after 3 years of use confirms the promising aspects attributed to it and requires confirmation over the longer term.

Dr Wallid BOUJEMAAFrance

G-ænial Universal Injectable is a very versatile material that can be applied in many clinical situations. The low viscosity of G-ænial Universal Injectable and improved mechanical qualities makes it easy and fast to use for direct composite restorations, buildups, adhesive cementation. It is also the perfect composite to use with the Injectable Technique for tackling more complex cases! Together with the other G-ænial Universal flowable composites, the Injectable has become one of go-to materials when working with composites.

Dr. Pierre DimitrovBulgaria

As a Member of GC Restorative Board I have a pleasure to also work with the G-ænial Universal Injectable material. I use it in transition stage when VDO (vertical dimension of occlusion) need to be increased and I planned the ceramics as the final restorations. In those cases, thanks to the easy occlusal equilibration in the composite resin and the appropriate adaptation of TMJ, the G-ænial Universal Injectable seems to be very useful in the Restorative dental practice.

Dr. M. ŻarowPoland

The new injectable composite G-ænial Universal Injectable with ultra-fine inorganic particles has proven to be an excellent successor to liquid composites. I appreciate the fact that it hardly sticks to the surface of the instrument and is easy to work with. It adheres perfectly to the walls of the cavity and does not spill. Its aesthetics are perfect, and surface of the material is very easy to polish. I consider it an indispensable material in tooth restoration especially for Class III and V cavities, as well as dentine substitute and as a final material for fillings in shallow Class I and II cavities. It enables faster and safer work and thus raises the quality of tooth restoration. Ivica AnićCroatia

Ever since G-ænial Universal Injectable was introduced to the market and I started working with the material, it is hard to imagine my everyday clinical practice without it! What I love about the material is that it adapts beautifully, and it retains the cusps form which saves my time during restorative procedure and, of course, reduces stress. This material is so versatile, it can be used for many different indications. Another thing that always amazes me is the polishability, colour adaptation and beautiful aesthetics of the G-ænial Universal Injectable. Anja BarabaCroatia

High strength of the material, great adaptation, the use as a classic composite, versatility and bendable tips make the G-ænial Universal Injectable one of the most used materials in my dental practice.

MDDr. Ondřej KřížBrno, Czech Republic

G-ænial Universal Injectable is a “flowable” composite that is, with its mechanical properties, fully comparable with the most durable hybrid composites.
In addition, the flexural strength even surpasses them. If we add a very comfortable and precise application, excellent aesthetics and more than three years of great experience with this material, then I have almost no reason to use paste composites in all direct indications anymore.

MUDr. Zbyněk MachPříbram, Czech Republic

I have been using G-ænial Universal Injectable from the very beginning and I am very happy with it. It is the top material I absolutely need in my dental practice for its high strength, durability and easy polishability, and it is also great material to be used for approximate walls.

MUDr. Vladimír EnévTroubsko, Czech Republic

Regarding G-ænial Universal Injectable material from GC, I especially appreciate its use in a wide range of indications, including veneering and the overall possibility of using the material in the frontal region of teeth. Other advantages clearly include easy application, good workability and a great final gloss. All this mentioned above means for me a considerable time saving.

MUDr. Dagmar RaunerováHolýšov, Czech Republic

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