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Initial ceramic solutions

All-round ceramic system from GC

Great synergy

GC Initial is a highly aesthetic modular ceramic system, designed to work complementary, with the ability to use the same approach for each type of framework.

High quality

The full GC Initial product line-up is developed based on in-house expertise. From product design to manufacturing, every step of the process is strictly monitored.

Broad range

GC Initial offers complete, aesthetic solutions for metal and all-ceramics, from elementary to elaborated, enabling a predictable working method throughout hybrid and digital workflows.

High-end service

Our local GC Initial experts provide technical support and a variety of trainings to get the best out of your Initial products.

One ceramic system for diversity, beauty and simplicity

Initial Painting & Micro-layering solutions

Initial IQ ONE SQIN concept

A paintable colour-and-form ceramic system for zirconia and lithium disilicate, consisting of Initial IQ Lustre Pastes ONE, Initial IQ SQIN & Initial Spectrum Stains. With this approach, you can quickly and easily achieve highly aesthetic results, comparable to conventionally layered restorations. It’s ideal to characterize frameworks made of Initial LiSi Press, Initial LiSi Block or Initial Zirconia Disk.

GC Initial IQ Lustre Pastes ONE are used as a colour and individualization layer assuring a perfect connection firing before application of the SQIN powders.

Initial Spectrum Stains can be mixed with Lustre Pastes ONE or SQIN for creating individual effects and infinite colour nuances.

Initial IQ SQIN for final contouring of your restorations offering vitality, texture and natural gloss.

Painting solutions, consisting of two product lines – Initial Lustre Pastes and Initial Spectrum Stains, are suitable for a wide CTE range offering colour and gloss to all your restorations.

Veneering solutions

Initial Zr-FS, Initial LiSi, Initial MC, Initial LF and Initial Ti

A complete veneering system where you can move from one to the other type of restorations without having to learn new working methods. It consists of five different Initial veneering ceramics, adjusted to their respective frameworks. All the shades across the entire system and their shade selection have been carefully harmonized. This means the aesthetics of each restoration are also in perfect harmony, regardless of the type or followed process.

A dedicated veneering system for metal and all-ceramic restorations.

A system with a modular approach for creating basic to advanced aesthetics.

The same build-up procedure for standard or multi-chromatic layering.

A colour line for harmonised shades across the system.

Painting solutions can be combined with these veneering solutions as well, for additional internal or external characterization.

Press-over and Layer-over solutions

Initial IQ ONE BODY concept

The ‘One Body’ concept is a simple and economical procedure where the contour is created with one body materials – whether pressed or layered.

Compatible with standard dental alloys as well as zirconia.

Available as layer-over or press-over system.

Consistently high quality, reproducible aesthetics and economical working method.

Painting solutions are used for the further characterization of the one body material.

GC’s support solutions


At modern training facilities all over Europe, experts coach you to get the best out of your Initial products.


A complete in house product development and continuous education in close cooperation with renowned experts.


You can always count on technical support by well-trained representatives on a local level, all across Europe.

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