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High strength, high value

Extreme high density thanks to optimised components and a proprietary innovative new manufacturing technology (HDM technology).


Time saving

Fewer steps, with a more flexible procedure.
You will save at least 15 minutes per restoration.


Exceptional aesthetics

Optimised for use with GC Initial LiSi veneering ceramic and GC Initial Lustre Pastes NF, adding extra vitality to your pressed crowns!


Step-by-step by MDT Stefan M. Roozen

In this video each step of the process, from the restorations in wax until the final result, is showed. All the benefits of using Initial LiSi PressVest from GC, with its high fluidity, long working time and easy removal with virtually no reaction layer are clearly displayed.

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LiSi Press
for all ceramic
restorations on
discoloured preps

By MDT Stefan M. Roozen, Austria

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Webinar MDT Stephen Lusty

In this video MDT Stephen Lusty explains how to gain a predictable method of achieving aesthetic results using lithium disilicate. Case selection, ingot selection and all the processes from waxing and investing, to layering and finishing are discussed.

The logical colour system of the ingots and the vibrant shades of the ceramic, make the LiSi system my 1st choice for mimicking nature with a pressed ceramic.

Stephen LustyUnited Kingdom

My dentists were convinced with LiSi Press because of its high flexural strength and perfect marginal adaptation. The low-fusing, feldspar based Initial LiSi ceramic make my restorations lifelike and has a perfect oral integration.

Joaquin Garcia ArranzSpain

When I use LiSi Press, you can hardly distinguish the workpiece from natural teeth

Leonardo CavalloItaly

What I love in this material is the colour stability: no more grey appearance after several firings. The Lisi Press saves me a lot of working time & money because of the inexistence of the reaction layer. There are no alternatives material that can measure up to LiSi; the HDM technology makes this material unique in physical, chemical & mechanical aspects.

Firas DahbourJordan

The components of the system are perfectly matched to each other, which leads to safe, fast and precise results. The warm shades of LiSi Press and the different indication-related translucency levels makes it able to create a seamless transition to natural structures.

Stefan RoozenAustria

With LiSi and LiSi Press I can accept any challenge.

Vicenzo MutoneItaly

Calibration chart

This chart is a visual guide that shows how press temperature
affects the eventual outcome.

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Technical Manual

This technical manual will give you an impression of how easy it is to get a convincing aesthetic result with minimum workload and excellent physical properties.

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