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Temp PRINT™ – GC’s 3D printable composite for temporary crown & bridges

Shake it, print it!

No need to wait for hours or buy extra stirring equipment to get a homogeneous product! With the dynamic control rheology (DCR) technology, hand shaking the bottle for 2 minutes ensures a homogeneous dispersion.



Thanks to our special anti-sedimentation additives; pigments and silica fillers don’t precipitate which guarantees a precise and reproducible result every time, even after long-term storage!


High wear resistance

The homogeneous dispersion of surface
coated silica fillers makes that Temp PRINT
has a super high wear resistance.


Clinical cases

Stephen Lusty, UK

Anthony Mak, Australia

Przemek Seweryniak, Sweden

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A full digital workflow
with 3D-printed
temporary restorations

By Anthony Mak and Andrew Chio

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What I like most about Temp PRINT is the fit on the tooth and interface.

Alvaro Troyano

GC Temp PRINT has been the most reliable printable temporary material we have used to date. It prints accurately, fast, easily and our clients love the results we get with the material.
GC Temp PRINT is our go to material for try-ins and verification stages due to its stability, ease of use and great colour.
GC Temp PRINT allows us to offer super-fast temps direct from intra oral scans. A quick wax up, print of the temp and combined with GC OPTIGLAZE color we can offer super-fast high quality temps.

Ashley Byrne

GC’s Temp PRINT material is really good. For me, a short printing time, wonderful smooth surfaces and dimensional stability are crucial. Temp PRINT fulfills all these requests perfectly. The aesthetics are beyond doubt, as always with GC.

Klaus Kopetzky

I‘m enthusiastic about the possibilities in 3D printing with this material.
A very wide range of applications, very stable and very easy to customize in combination with OPTIGLAZE color.

Matthias Zimmerer

The perfect marginal fit of the printed restorations and a stable occlusion, even after a long period “in Situ”, convinced me as a dentist.

Dr. Heidi Edl

Predictable 3D printed temporary bridges? For me this is GC Temp PRINT with OPTIGLAZE color.

Patric Freudenthal


Check our compatibility list to make your 3D activity an easy,
reproducible and smooth process every time.

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GC offers you a simple solution to add gloss and character to your 3D printed restorations with OPTIGLAZE color. The light-cured coating is ready to use, easy to handle and saves valuable time in the polishing stage. The renowned nano-filler technology gives a high wear resistance and long-lasting gloss to all your printed temporary crowns and bridges.

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