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Choosing the right bonding- towards Universal systems

Are you having doubts between moving to a one bottle system or upgrading your classical multi-step bonding?
Look no further and go for GC’s state of the art Universal bonding solutions

Regardless of your preferred type of bonding system (one/multi bottle), GC has the optimal solution!

Both GC’s Universal Bonding Systems

  • Offer high bond strength – for a strong bonding both to tooth & restorations in case of repair
  • Are HEMA free – for higher durability & lower water sorption
  • Have an ergonomic design – for easy use
  • Deliver precise dispensing – with a high number of drops per bottle
  • Can be used in all etching modes: self-etch, selective etch and total etch with virtually no post-operative sensitivity.
  • Multiple indications

Why switching to GC
one bottle system?

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Why switching to GC
two bottle system?

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